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Tungsram Big Torch (LED Lamp 1000 Lumens 6000K) with charger

– TUNGSRAM, the highly respected name and one of Europe’s most iconic lighting brands founded in 1896, is now in Egypt. – LED Inspection lamps are high-quality lamps suitable for Automotive garages and many other industries, providing exceptional brightness. – Hands-free lamps which incorporate hooks and magnets to secure them. – Equipped with a long-lasting and rechargeable battery and can be charged via USB. – Type 63000 can be charged using the AC/DC adapter included in the package. – It can be also connected to the docking station included in the package. – 1000 Lumen high and 500 Lumen low light – 3 hours 1000 lumens operation – Up to 5 hours operation (low) time – 6000 K white light – Robust design which protects from dust and water (IP66)

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