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Tungsram Lamp R5W 24V 5W Heavy Duty

– TUNGSRAM, the highly respected name and one of Europe’s most iconic lighting brands founded in 1896, is now in Egypt. – 24V HEAVY DUTY lamps by Tungsram for truck drivers. Longer intervals between changes. More economical driving. – Designed and manufactured to withstand the exacting demands of the professional commercial vehicle market. Tungsram 24V bulbs are the first choice for both the fleet and specialist users. – In addition to its standard range, Tungsram offers now a range of heavy duty halogen and auxiliary bulbs for when the going gets even tougher. – The increased robustness results in fewer failures and resultant vehicle downtime. – You can retrofit your fleet with Tungsram Heavy Duty headlight and auxiliary lamps and significantly reduce downtime for lamp replacement – improved performance gives less vehicle downtime, lower maintenance cost and lower overall running costs.

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