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Tungsram LED Headlight Lamp H8/H11 12V 24W Megalight LED +200

– TUNGSRAM, the highly respected name and one of Europe’s most iconic lighting brands founded in 1896, is now in Egypt. – LED Retrofit Headlight lamps, ready for use in cars without requiring any other preparation. – Intense blue-white light comparable with xenon. – Daylight in the night - 6000-Kelvin colour temperature for cool white light. White light for safer, more comfortable night-time driving. – Designed for passionate people, looking for adventure, style and ultimate performance. – Superior visibility and comfort for the eye. – Better detection of signs and obstacles. – Long-lasting LED - durable headlights, that can last as long as your car. Install once, no more need for replacement. – Controlled electromagnetic disturbance will not interfere with on-board electronics such as FM radio. – Aesthetic design.

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