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Tungsram Xenon Headlight Lamp D1S Megalight +100

– TUNGSRAM, the highly respected name and one of Europe’s most iconic lighting brands founded in 1896, is now in Egypt. – Premium Automotive discharge headlight lamps, Add safety to your driving with more light on the road. – XENSATION MEGALIGHT +100, Add safety to your driving with more light. Up to 100% more light on the road ahead. Excellent visibility and illumination, greater illuminated area. – Tungsram Xensation lamps provide a major leap in road safety over conventional halogen lamps due to enormous increase in the illuminated field of vision – Better visibility and illumination provide the driver with many benefits. It assists the human eye and allows better visibility and improved hazard awareness, allowing the driver to navigate poor driving conditions with increased confidence and with less fatigue. – Optically advantageous whiter light compared to halogen lamps designed to give a colour that is closer to natural daylight.

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